My crazy sexy bucket list

Since the movie Bucket list with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, lots of people have started to create their own bucket list. I am not any different to be honest, and I do have my own bucket list. Unlike the other girls at charlotte escorts, I would have to say that my bucket list is a little bit crazy. When you look at it, you will see a long list of countries and I am gradually crossing them out one by one. Like I tell my dates at London escorts, they are the countries which I have had sex in my life.

I am sure that most of my dates at charlotte escorts think that I am mad, but when I talk to them, it is clear that they have their own bucket lists. Some of them are perhaps a little bit more realistic than my bucket list but we cannot have the same ideas and dreams. One guy I date at London escorts is a real cruise ship fanatic, and would like to travel on every cruise ship in the world. So far, he does not seem to be doing badly to be honest, and when he comes back from one of his cruises, he always brings me a nice present.

But he is not the only guy I date at London escorts with his own bucket list. Another guy I see a lot of at charlotte escorts would like to visit every state in the US. That is not crazy at all, but it is going to take some doing. He is planning to sell his company, and when he does so, he is going to pick up his old backpack and buy a railway ticket. I am not sure how long it is all going to take, but I sounds like a rather amazing adventure to me. I keep wondering if he would like a travel companion on his trip.

Another guy has all of these crazy things he would like to learn to do. At the moment he is going for his pilot’s license, but once he has done, he is also going to learn how to fly a hot air balloon. I love people like that, and he is one of the most exciting gentlemen I date at London escorts. It would be so neat if he could fly me around to all of these different countries that I would need to go to complete my very own bucket list.

What do the other girls at London escorts think about my bucket list? Needless to say, some of the other girls at London escorts think I am a little bit nuts, but that is life I think. If we were all the same, an wanted to do the same thing, life would be rather boring. Am I going to get around to all of the different countries on my bucket list? Maybe not but I am going to give it a good go. There is one place in particular where I would like to have sex, and that would be at the Victoria Falls. I am not sure what it is, but to me, it is one of the most romantic locations in the entire world. So far I have not been able to get there, but maybe one my pilot date at London escorts gets his wings, he could fly me into Victoria Falls for a quickie so I can spend the rest of the day enjoying the view.

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