The act of Acton escorts

Where the heck is Acton do I hear you ask? Well, Acton is in South London and it used to be a very sleep little place but that has now all changed. It is very much going the same way as many other towns which has been annexed to Greater London, and is now full of posh people with Nespresso coffee machines.


However, with an increase in posh people, escorts normally follow and the first Acton escorts agency of has now opened its doors. The name of the agency is Acton Bunnies, and it is run by a Swedish madam called Sara. It is just getting up to speed and they have taken on a lot of sexy companions for you to enjoy.

acton escort


Being the first Acton escorts agency, it will take them some time to get up to speed. Acton escorts are after all something new, and they have quite a lot of work to do before all of the girls are dating. However, a lot of local gents have now started to date Acton escorts, and I must say that I have met a few of the lovely Acton escorts myself.


Blondes and Brunettes


Acton Bunnies offer some of the most sexy and stunning blondes and brunettes that I have ever seen. Last week I dated this really hot blonde called Annika, and she was totally out of this world. Not only was she very beautiful but she had a very open minded personality, and seemed to enjoy many of the same things that I enjoy in life.


Blonde Annika is only 21 years old, she may look really sweet and innocent but for a 21 year old, she is really open minded. Perhaps she is an old soul in young body but she certainly knows that she is doing. A former underwear model, Annika gave up modelling when she realized that she could earn more money as an escort.


I find that a lot of models have given up modeling to become escorts, and many of the girls tell the same story – modeling just doesn’t pay.


Susanna is a lovely warm hearted brunette who works for Acton Bunnies. She used to work in central London but she found that it was too expensive to live there so she moved out to Acton. Susanna is one of the busiest girls of the agency as she somehow have managed to retain many of her dates, and they now date her in Acton.


She has the most stunning long brunette hair with perfect curls that fall all over the place. Apart from that she is completely smooth, and has nice soft skin all over. Susanna gives me the feeling that she can be a bit on the kinky side as I saw some surprising things in her boudoir, but she had a heart of gold. She is a lovely dancer and dances like a hot little Playboy bunny.


It is nice to be able to have a local escorts agency here in Acton, and I am certainly planning to make the most of it. Are you???

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