The Industry Of Adults

A girl that I don’t know really well, told me that she is into adult work. We were having a chat one night. After a couple of glasses of wine, we ended up talking about what we did for a living. As I am getting rather fed up with my job in an office in London, I was keen to explore what my friend did for a living. She always has nice clothes and seems to be doing okay for herself. She does not talk about her life very much and I have long suspected that she works for a London escorts agency. Not that there is anything wrong with working for London escorts.

I have seen other adult work advertised online and in some London papers. Not all of it sounds like it involves working for a London escorts agency. As far as adult work goes in London, there seems to be a variety of jobs to choose in between. Of course, working for a London escorts agency is one of the things that you can do. However, if I read things write, you can also choose to do other things. I wonder if some girls start off doing one thing and then move onto London escorts?

I do hear rumours about London escorts from time to time. It is said that working for an escort agency in London can earned you a lot of money. My friend says that she has almost saved up enough money to buy her own place in London. On my current salary, that is something that I can only hope of doing. But, as I don’t know so much about London escorts, and not sure if it is the right job for me, I think that I should maybe try some other adult work before I contact an escort agency in London.

One of the jobs that I have seen advertised is adult modelling. I have never been involved in anything like that before, but I do have a good body. I go to the gym every week, run in the park and eat well. The adverts says that the agency is looking for slim girls with curves to do adult modelling. That would fit in with my profile pretty well. But then again, I wonder if adult modelling is just another word for London escorts. I have checked out a couple of adult websites, and London escorts often refer to themselves as adult models.

What about dancing in a club? From what I understand, that is how my friend got into adult work in the first place. If she works for a London escorts agency now, she certainly used to do dancing or something like that before she started her new job. I like to dance, but I not sure that dancing in “that sort of way” is really something that I would be comfortable doing. But then again, I would consider finding out more about it. If it is a step in the right direction, I would certainly consider doing it.

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