The right love at the wrong time


For some reason, I have always been able to find love in the wrong places. When I first came to Chingford, I did not have a boyfriend at all, but since I started to work for Chingford escorts, I seem to have been able to attract loads of guys. The only problem is that the kind of guys that I have been able to attract since working for Chingford escorts, have been the wrong kind of guys. Most of them have been sort of “hooky” as they say here in Chingford. That just means that they are kind of skirting the law in one way or the other.

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The truth is that I would love to have a nice boyfriend. Most of the girls who work for Chingford escorts would like the same, but it is certainly very hard for a girl who works for Chingford escorts, to find a nice boyfriend. The guys that we are dating are okay, but when you hang out after work, you sort of tend to end up in the wrong crowd. That has happened to me so many times, and all of the guys that I have met so far have not really been such “good boys” as you would say.


So, what sort of guys do you meet when you work for Chingford escorts? I don’t know why, but most of the guys that you meet either own strip clubs, lap dancing places or are car dealers. It seems strange but a lot of the guys in Chingford who own car lots, or breaker’s yard, are attracted to what might be seen as the Chingford underworld, and Chingford escorts. It would be fair to say that I could lay my hands on almost anything, but it would be a little bit “bent” as they say here in Chingford.


I don’t mind working for Chingford escorts as all, but I do mind some of the people I meet after work. The gents that I do date at Chingford escorts, seem to be sort of regular guys. Especially when you work for a VIP Chingford escorts like I do, you meet some very nice gents. Many of them are international business men who travel a lot. They treat you really well, and you can tell that they are nice as they are really well spoken. I wish that I could snatch one of those away instead.


Maybe in a few years things will change, but I do have this funny feeling that it will be difficult to meet Mr Right as long as I work for Chingford escorts. I don’t mind working for the Chingford escorts service at all as the money is good, it is just that I wish that I could meet the right guy. However, that is easier said than done. But, I tell you what, I do enjoy the company of my Chingford bad boys. They always treat you well, and they are full of crazy ideas. As a matter of fact, I think that I am beginning to enjoy their company.

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