To be honest there are days when I cannot figure out what is going on with escorting in London

Most escorts now provide such a wide range of services that I don’t think that escorting really covers what we do any more. Look at me for instance, I work at escorts for couples service of Who would have thought that couples would need escorts? In my wildest dreams, I would never have thought that couples would need an escort.

Also, we have services like BDSM and even baby minding. Can you call that escorting? I really don’t think that you can call that escorting at all. It is more like putting together a service so that gentlemen can play with some really hot ladies. Unlike us escorts for couples, the girls who run these services, should be called something like playmates because in fact I think that is what they are when it comes down to it.

What about massage girls? In London there are lots of escorts who just specialise in giving massages. We see a bit of that here at escorts for couples, but not to the extent that other escort agencies in London see the service being asked for. Are these girls actually escorts or are they therapists? That is something worth considering. When you stop and think about it, it would totally change the classification when it comes to what these girls. I personally think that they are therapists.

Then we have the girls who work as business date escorts, or dinner dates escorts. We do some of that here at escorts for couples and I have started to wonder if we should check out this service and call the girls dinner ladies. A lot of escorts who are really good at it, are out dining all of the time. Dinner dating has become very popular in London, and if you would like to find yourself a dinner lady, I am sure that you will come across on at your local escort agency here in London.


Dating escorts in London is all about having a good time. It does not matter if you specialize in escorts for couples or BDSM, gentlemen and some ladies are looking for one thing. They are looking for a good time, and would just like to party a little bit. When it comes down to it, I think that escorting is more about companionship than ever before, and that is the way things are going to go. Maybe we should play around with the word companions and see what we can come up with. There must after all be some sort of word that would fit, and perhaps it would go some way towards making the escort service in London, appear a little bit more professional at the end of the day. I think that coming up with a new term would even help to raise standards a little bit more within the industry, and make it more professional than it is today.

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