Too Much Sex with Too Many Boyfriends

I love to have sex and there are days when I cannot stop myself. To be honest, I have more than one boyfriend. I am not so sure how it all got started but I cannot manage without my many different boyfriends. They are all different and that is what I like about them. The main problem is that I am really busy at London escorts and it is hard to fit them all in. Sometimes when I have a day away from London escorts, I see two different boyfriends.

Okay, it is being a bit greedy, but I do like to have sex with all my boyfriends. I have told some of my gents at London escorts about what I call my boyfriend selection. They often laugh and say that I am a really naughty girl. It is true, I like being naughty and seeing someone behind his back really turns me on. If you like, you can say that I am a real serial offender when it comes to boyfriends. I cannot give any of them up, and I really don’t know any other girl at London escorts who is as greedy as I am.

Then again, I don’t think that I am doing anything different from what a lot of men are doing. Most of my London escorts dates do have the habit of dating other girls as well. I often speak to them about it, and they have owned up to it. I don’t have a problem with that so I can’t really see why my boyfriends would have a problem with my dating other guys. After all, I have been really honest with my boyfriends and told them that I work for the most elite female escorts service website. They must have realized that I am a bit of a greedy girl.

None of my London escorts gents think that there is anything wrong in what I am doing. I know that I should not perhaps have so many boyfriends but they all have qualities that I admire. Alan is one of my favorite boyfriends and works for a male London escorts. He has great stamina and can just keep on going until he drops. I love him, and he is that kind of guy who can truly satisfy me. If he has not finished the job, I tell him to get my toys out.

Nick is another hot guy that I met in a bar. He is okay with me working for London escorts and I think it actually really turns him on. Nick is very dominant in bed and I like that. It is a little bit like being taken by a caveman. Sometimes he surprises me and I love it when he ties me up. Joe is another guy that I like to spend time with. He is my romantic boyfriend and always sets the scene. I do like spend time with him as he is very sensual and his hands feel so good in my body. Could I choose in between any of these guys? No, I really don’t think that I would be able to pick a favorite. They are all really great at what they do.

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